your-dark-horse said: Heya :) Love your blog, have you started it recently? You have an incredible body! So slim and sexy :) I'd absolutely love to meet you one day so you could trap me ;) whereabouts in the country are you? Hopefully near me haha!

hey thank you love! xx
start of this year but i’m travelling so i’m on hiatus sorry. :(

i’m in melbourne! ;) x

cityboy86 said: Hot body and hot pics. You're a sexy little femme boy. So wanna slide my dick inside that boy pussy and make it mine... whilst you moan for daddy to fuck you harder

nghhh you read my mind <3 :*

Anonymous said: omg you're so fucking hot. i have a girlfriend so i'm keeping it anon bug i really want to fuck you

this literally made my day thank you so much anon! <3 i’d be glad to take up that offer one day. ;)

drblakensteine said: mmmmm your a cute one

thank you love! x


Pretty much… YES!

why not?? cant diss it until you try it!

send your requests in followers, i’m bored and horny xo