wwoww-remember-patron-trolls asked: Can we see you in thigh highs and a scarf maybe? Or something akin to sexy Winter-wear (with very minimal else on to really bring out your bare skin?) :3

I ordered a big scarf just for you anon. ;) I’ll post a picture in the next couple of days when it arrives x

I finally made a Kik so you guys can talk to me! It’s ‘femlux’ mwa xo

Anonymous asked: I want to see more fully body in dresses. Heels and all. Maybe with a little peak of the panties. (Oddly specific, I know)

I’ll make that happen for you anon! Check in a couple of days it’ll be there. :)

mychaos22 asked: U on kik

femlux babe x

bigjohnny69 asked: Kik?((

femlux. xo

sorry about the delay in posts guys, i’ve been too busy with uni assignments. but i haven’t stopped thinking about you guys! loving you all mwa xoxo [send me your dirty thoughts]

Sorry about the wish list confusion followers! I have found the right link and this is it¬†once again let me know if it doesn’t work. Thank you guys once again hehe x

Sorry followers my wish list link doesn’t work! Check around 6 pm tonight to see if it works, I’ll try sorting it out x

Anonymous asked: I keep on clicking the "Buy Me Naughty Things" link and its not working help pleae it takes me to the wish list page for my own ebay account

On no really?? When I got home tonight I’ll sort it out. :) check to see if it works at like 6 pm ish. x

Since I’m in uni and I’ve been low on money I can’t anticipate how much longer I’ll be broke for, so I’ve made a wish list just incase anyone is kind enough to buy me things. I’m a cheap buy followers. <3 [Also, anyone who is kind enough to buy me something I’ll send them a “gift” of mine hehe]